Wavy, Straight & Short Hair Extensions

Wavy Hair Extensions

These are a very popular choice as it means that you don’t.t have to tong/curl the hair. It adds softness and texture to a style and allows for easy maintenance. Our custom made Wavy hair is made from the highest grade 100% natural virgin human hair. It is extremely versatile as it is re-useable and can be worn wavy or straight. a must that you use the correct products in order to maintain the look and feel of the hair, ‘after all you wouldn’t put diesel in an unleaded vehicle’.*we recommend using water based products on all of our hair.

Straight Hair Extensions

Our straight Hair Extensions are available in two different textures a relaxed texture which is similar to Afro hair relaxed and a very straight texture which is more like European hair. The hair can be flat ironed or tonged and will usually hold the curl longer because of the high quality of the hair. * Always use thermal/heat protector when blow drying, flat ironing or curling.

Short cut Hair Extensions

Styles can be quite flattering and easy to manage as less time is required for maintenance and styling. Having a short cut using Hair Extensions gives you the perfect opportunity to try something different without having to alter the length of your own hair. Depending on how short the hair is cut and the length of your own hair, your style will last an average of 8 -10 weeks ( up to 12 weeks for bob styles).