Client makeover

Lately it has come to my attention that the myth behind women wearing hair extensions to add length to their hair is still in circulation. This is definitely not the case as some women wear hair extensions  because of their lifestyle i.e :- hair extensions can be less time consuming in the morning, they make life easier if you swim or do regular exercise and  they allow you to add volume as well as experiment with colour. Nowadays you will find that many Celebrities are wearing hair extensions to enhance their ‘look’


photo client has long naturally wavy hair but wants to wear her hair in a tight curly corkscrew look for a special occasion. She has tried achieving the look using curling tongs but because of the thickness of her hair the curls do not last.

corkscrew curls

Client bought her own hair which was applied using a sew in weave technique which will allow most her hair to be  put away. This allows her to achieve her tight corkscrew curls with minimum maintenance. Styling cream was then added to the clients own hair and soft layers were feather cut into the hair extensions to achieve this look