If you’ve got a special event to attend you’ll find we have just what you need within our ladies hairdressing services. Why not let one of our expert stylists create a beautiful bouncy blow-dry to give you that perfect look!

Simona had an event to attend and wanted to go for a style that had some volume around the crown area, her hair is medium texture and quite dense.

Artistic director Adam worked his magic using the Kevin Murphy product range as not only is it the perfect choice for those of you who have allergies as the products are sulphate free and paraben free. For those of you who are conscious about where your products come from and how they are made this is the ideal solution as the product range is cruelty-free and you’ll be happy to know that the packaging is environmentally friendly



  1. Simona’s hair was shampooed using Angel. Wash and Rinse.
  2. Body builder light weight volumising mousse was worked through the hair starting from the root area to add volume and flexible hold.
  3. Hair was then blow dryed using a medium sized brush from Kent brushes.
  4. Top section of the hair was then back combed in order to create lift and extra volume.
  5. Hair was then styled and Kevin Murphy Session spray was used as it provides weightless lasting hold.
  6. Simona’s hair was then sprayed lightly with Shimmer. Shine spray to add a natural shine.

Top 3 tips

When creating curls use light weight moisturising products to avoid any build up that may weight down the hair and cause the curl to loosen

Use a heat protector to ensure the hair is protected during blow-drying and tonging, this will ensure a sleek smooth finish

When blow-drying with a round brush the size of the brush depends on the desired look, the degree of curl, and the movement and volume required.

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