If you’ve got a special event to attend then you’ll find we have just what you need within our ladies hairdressing services. Why not let one of our expert stylists create a beautiful bouncy blow-dry to give you that perfect look!

Simona had an event to attend and wanted to go for a style that had some volume around the crown area. Artistic director Adam worked his magic using the Kevin Murphy product range. As this range is sulphate free and paraben free it is the perfect choice for those of you who tend to have allergies, damaged, coloured or keratin straightened hair. And for those of you who are conscious about where your products come from and how they are made this is the ideal product range as it is cruelty-free and you’ll be happy to know that the packaging is environmentally friendly
Once blow dried Simona’s tresses were tonged using the Diva pro styling wand to give her longer lasting bouncy curls. After a  light mist of Kevin Murphy Session.Spray and a few tips from Adam on how to take care of her hair she left the salon looking and feeling like a million dollars!

Top tips for creating Simona’s look

1. When curling your hair the size of the tongs will determine the tightness of the curls you achieve.

2. Always use a heat protector to ensure the hair is protected during blow-drying, flat ironing or tonging.

3. After blow-drying or tonging your hair always leave the hair for a few minutes before styling to allow the curls to set as this will allow your style to last longer.

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