Client before and after

Clients hair before

Before: Client had previously shaved one side of her hair to sport a new look and was now ready to grow her hair. After discussing her style with one of our hair extension specialists the client has chosen a bob style.



Finished look

After: We have chosen to use the microweave technique leaving the clients hairline out to create a side parting. The weave has then been cut into a graduated bob in the nape area incorporating asymetric sides.



Finished lookFinished look-Graduated nape area


The client has been advised that her weave will last an average of two to two and a half months because of the shorter areas of her hair  (usually our weaves last an average of about two and a half to three months)

She has also been advised to visit the salon to tighten her hair extensions any time  between 4-6 weeks in order to maintain her weave.