If your thinking about changing the colour of your hair our colour experts are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to ensure that you get the best from your hair colour.


We use the Kevin Murphy Color.Me range of hair colour as it is PPD free, Ammonia-free and is packed with naturally derived products like aloe Vera, honey, Shea butter and pomegranate and is designed to condition the hair during and after the process


Temporary hair  colours

Temporary hair colours are a great way to try out colour without commitment as they are free from chemicals and will wash out once shampooed however if your hair is porous it can have a tendency to last a little longer. They are perfect for enhancing your look or making a fashion statement. Temporary hair colours/ hair dyes come in different forms the most common being gel, mousse, sprays and rinses.

Semi-permanent hair colours

Another way of introducing colour is to try a semi-permanent hair colour/dye. These are great for enhancing your look and can even covers grey hairs( depending on the percentage of grey). Semi permanent colours do not leave a regrowth effect and because they only last an average of six to eight washes, there is no commitment.

Permanent hair colours

Permanent colours are basically what is it says on the tin, they are ‘permanent’ although they may fade over time they cannot be shampooed out they can only grow out which means that you will have to retouch the root area every 4- 6 weeks. These are great for adding depth and tone to the hair and are ideal for covering grey hairs.


*Please note as a legal requirement we carry out a skin allergy test prior to our colour services in order to check for any allergic reactions to the hair dyes ( this is usually done with permanent colours as they often contain Paraphenylenediamine PPD). This involves a small drop of hair colour being placed behind the ear or inside elbow then left for a period of 48 hours.

Tint Regrowth £70

Retouch your roots with a splash of Kevin Murphy natural hair colours ( blow dry not included)

Tint Virgin Head   Short Hair £80/ Mid Length £85/ Long Hair £95

Full head colour application using Kevin Murphy colours ( blow dry not included)

Gloss/Colour Refresh

If your hair colour has faded or you want to add shine to your hair a colour refresh is the perfect solution.

Short Hair £70/ Mid Length £75/ Long Hair £85


Are you fashion conscious or like to experiment with colour? Balayage is a freehand technique which involves painting colour or lightener onto the hair to add soft natural tones to the hair which gives a more gradual colour effect and results in a more natural looking colour blend which will eventually grow out without the need to retouch your roots. This process will take around 90 mins and last an average of about 10 weeks  before the hair needs to be coloured again.

Depending on the length of your hair prices starts from £150 ( does not include blow dry)

We recommend you book a consultation prior to your service in order to establish your needs and determine whether a semi-permanent colour, permanent colour, highlights or balayage would be more suitable for you.

If you have any questions or you would like to book a complimentary skin test give us a call on 0208 7419616 or email [email protected]