5 top tips for braid styles

With the increasing  braid trend more and more clients are wanting some type of braids incorporated into their hairstyles. 

As hair extension specialists we work with braids everyday so we have put together 5 top tips for wearing braid styles.


fishtail braid 1

1. When braiding make sure hat you avoid using too much tension or pulling as this may cause traction alopecia


2.fishtail braid 2 To secure your plaits you may use styling aids such as styling gels or creams.

3. You can use a light to medium hold hair spray to get rid of any stray hairs.

4.When securing the ends of the hair make sure that you use hair bands as elastic bands can damage the hair and cause split ends.

5. When undoing your braids all hair bands, hair grips e.t.c. should be removed carefully. The plait should then be loosened from ends to roots. Once loosened the hair should then be gently brushed through from ends to root. Shampoo and condition as normal





To book an appointment with a hair extension specialist for a  fashion braid style you can call us on 0208 7419616