How It Works

There are four easy steps to owning your own bespoke custom made wig.Side swept parting wig

Step 1. Firstly book an appointment for a consultation with one of our experts to discuss your requirements

Step 2. Once you have chosen your desired style, colour and texture, your stylist will then book you in for a return visit for the fitting of your custom made wig (this usually takes approximately 1 week to be make depending on the hair you choose)  

Step 3. During your fitting we will make any necessary alterations then cut and style your custom made wig to suit you

Step 4. Once your custom made wig is ‘ready to wear’ your stylist will instruct you on how to maintain your new look. You can then leave the salon looking and feeling great about yourself and ready to take on the world!

‘Ready to stand out from the crowd?’  Why not take the next step and  give us a call on 07553361812 or send us an email to speak to one of our experts.

If you’re a wig maker or a client looking for top quality hair extensions that are easy to maintain, will make your wigs look more natural and have longevity why not visit our hair shop