How It Works

There are four easy steps to owning your own bespoke custom made wig.

Step 1  Firstly book an appointment for a consultation with one of our experts to discuss your requirements. If you have a few questions you can give us a call, for a more in depth conversation we recommend a face to face appointment or if you are unable to travel to us we can arrange a consultation through zoom. 

Step 2  Once you have chosen your desired style, colour and texture, the next step is for us to get your measurements.  This can be taken during your initial face to face consultation by our experts or we can send you a template with diagrams on how to measure your head.

Step 3 Depending on the availability your wig will be ready within a week ( if you have an emergency or need it in a hurry you can choose our express service)

Step 4 Once your custom made wig has been made we will invite you in to have it fitted, cut and styled to suit you. Your stylist will give you expert advice on how to maintain your bespoke wig, you can then leave the salon looking and feeling great about yourself knowing your new look will be easy to maintain  If you’re unable to travel to the salon we will work with you to replicate your chosen style and ship it to you.

‘Ready to stand out from the crowd?’  Why not take the next step and  give us a call on 07553361812 or send us an email to speak to one of our experts.