Wig Cutting Service

Have you recently purchased a wig that you’re not quite happy with but maybe with a few tweaks you would feel confident enough to wear it?

Then why not book an appointment with one of our experts, we will work with you to achieve a look that suits you. Whether your shoulder length wig needs to be cut into a short bob or maybe it just needs a fringe trim or the hair to be thinned out we will cater for your needs

As hair extension specialists we have found that possessing hairdressing skills have been invaluable to us becoming leaders in our field. This gives us the edge over other extensionist as we combine our haircutting and styling skills with our hair extension techniques to master the art of producing natural looking hair extensions that are second to none.

When cutting hair our preferred cutting tool is the ‘razor’ (apart from precision cutting)as it allows you to create a style that gives a softer more natural finish. 

Our wig cutting service offers the same quality service as our hair extension services, book a consultation, discuss your style and our expert stylists will cut and style your wig to suit you.


For more information on our Wig Cutting Services  give us a call on 07553361812 or send us an email