Short Human Hair Wigs

Short Hair wigs are very popular as they are easy to maintain and come in both synthetic and human hair. Many women that suffer from hairloss say that when it comes to wearing  wigs they feel more comfortable if  they start with something short, this way they can slowly come to terms with the idea of having to wear a wig.

If you usually wear your hair short then sporting  short hair wig  is the first step to trying something new without the threat of a drastic change. You can choose to go with something similar to what you usually wear or you can experiment with a splash of colour or a completely different style.

These are also a great idea for women who have long hair and maybe want a change as it allows them to have the versatility of wearing something short without the commitment of loosing their precious locks.

At Prestige you can choose from having a bespoke handmade wig that is designed to your specifications or you can browse through the Trendco ( Aderans) wide range of human and synthetic short hair wigs.

Below are some examples of our bespoke wigs. Click the individual pictures to see the image larger.