What You Need To Know About Wigs

People wear wigs for many different reasons, for years they have been worn in the film/theatre industry and for fashion purposes however nowadays wearing a wig has become more widely used especially for women who: –

  • suffer from hairloss
  • Experience thinning hair
  • Require versatility
  • Are looking for a protective hairstyle
  • Need a new look
  • prefer to take a break from chemicals
  • Want to grow their hair
  • Wish to take a break from hair weaving or other forms of extensions


    Long Human Hair Wig

As a female lead company, we understand how daunting it can be to find a wig that represents you. On one hand you want something that looks and feels natural, but you also need something that is easy to maintain, won’t make your head feel hot and stifling and will remain securely on your head even when there’s a full force wind blowing.

Many clients have complained that with the array of different wigs available and the different bases used it is extremely difficult to make the right choice. We strongly recommend that you find a specialist to cut and style your wig prior to wearing to make it your own, this way its more lightly to suit you and will look more flattering.

At Prestige our aim is to take the guess work out of wig buying think of us as your personal assistant. We will help you to make the right choice through our one-to-one consultations so whether you want to have one of our bespoke wigs made or prefer an off the shelf model and need some advice or alterations we are here to guide you through your journey and restore your confidence.


Short Bob style Human Hair Wig

Hair wigs made from different types of hair: –

Synthetic – Mixed fibres such as acrylic and nylon. These are quite popular as they are cost effective and much lower in costs than human hair

Human Hair– 100% Human hair. These look more natural and replicates your own hair however they can be far more expensive to purchase

Parama hair– These are made from man-made fibres and mimic the look and feel of human hair

Most wigs are traditionally machine made and are usually ready to wear although nowadays there is the option of hand tied and monofilament pieces


These typically come in various base types such as mesh/net bases as well as lace based.

We feel that it is imperative that you consider things such as your lifestyle when choosing the correct base as a stocking cap/net-based wig would be extremely uncomfortable if you exercise regularly.

If like many of our clients, you prefer something more tailored to your requirements you can opt for a bespoke hand crafted one.

We have recently added well renowned wig company Trendco (Aderans) to our selection of wigs to offer our customers a wide variety of ready to wear wigs to suit all budgets.

For more information or to book a face to face or online consultation send an email to [email protected]nsions.co.uk