Salon Etiquette


In order to maintain a steady flow and to ensure our clients are seen in time, we operate an appointment only system.

Please note we will require a deposit upon booking for all services booked. The amount payable will be determined by the required service. Please note your appointment is not secure if we do not receive a deposit.

All deposits are non-refundable. We advise that you consider your service requirements and your availability carefully prior to booking your appointment as we are unable to offer refunds.


We require 48 hours advance notice regarding cancellations.
Please be reminded that your deposit is non-refundable therefore we can only carry your deposit forward to your next service, this should be booked at the time of cancelling.
Please note you must rebook within one calendar month of the original date booked.

*For health and safety reasons we do not allow babies or children in the salon.
It is imperative for us to ensure that our clients are seen on time
We understand that sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances you may be running late for your appointment, for this reason, we will allow a 15-minute window for your appointment
We ask all our customers to place be mindful of our time as well as other clients time and call ahead to inform us of the delay.
Extreme delays will be down to the discretion of management
Continued lateness will, however, result in being turned away from your appointment and loss of your deposit.

We will not tolerate any shouting or bad language in the salon.

As a Customer, You have the right to make a complaint. If for any reason you wish to do so please inform the receptionist who will inform the management.
The manager will then contact you and discuss your issues and help to resolve the matter.

If for any reason you are dissatisfied with your hair extension service we advise you to inform us of any issues ASAP as failure to do so within the first two weeks will result in us being unable to validate your complaint.

We strive to get your hair right the first time however if for any reason you are dissatisfied we will work with you to ensure that you leave with your desired style if for any reason we fail to fulfil your needs we encourage you to let us know.  You may do this by
1. Informing your stylist, if for any reason your stylist is unable to meet your needs you may request to speak with management who will assist in resolving the problem.
Hair Maintenance
In order to get the best from your hair service, we advise that you follow the recommendations of your stylist. If for some reason you choose to go against this advice we cannot be held responsible for the outcome of your hair or the condition of your hair/ hair extensions.

Allergy tests
all colour processes will require a skin test in order to determine the suitability of the service
all glue based services will require a skin test to check skin sensitivity

Client Privacy
we offer a discreet private service. Please do not ask us to divulge personal information regarding another client including a family member or friend.
Please respect other clients privacy by not staring or asking questions pertaining to the client whilst they are having their service or at any other time

Please note we have a private area for all our hair extension services. If you are having any other service and you require privacy please let us know and we will endeavour to fulfil your needs. If you require total privacy please let us know. We will maintain discretion at all times.

We would appreciate it if clients refrained from sharing product information with other clients unless you are validating a product used in the salon.

We understand that some clients prefer to be accompanied on their visit to the salon, however, we will only allow the person that is having the hair service in the salon area. The hotel has complimentary WI-fi. as well as renowned Italian Carluccio’s.


Please do not approach any member of our staff for their contact details or to do any private work. If you require a home service we are happy to accommodate you got an additional fee.
Any client found to be exchanging details with a member of staff will result in instant dismissal for the member of staff and an immediate salon ban for the client.


The theft of any goods from the salon constitutes a criminal offence and will be reported to the police
Failing to pay for your hair service will be classed as theft and will be reported to the police.