“I’ve been coming to Prestige for over 15 years and I love that my hair always looks natural”

“I get so many comments about my hair, it just feels like mine”
Athlete Denise Lewis



The Hair Extension Connoisseurs

Established in 1998 the celebrity stylists Prestige the Hair Extension Connoisseurs specialise in Luxury Hair Extensions and Bespoke Wig Making services for women who are suffering from hair loss or want to add volume, length or colour to their hair. Tucked away in a private room at Hair Works Hair Salon, Hammersmith, London, W6 0QU the experts are well renowned for their experience (over 40 years combined) bespoke techniques, and high quality remy virgin hair, which are all the tools needed to create natural looking hair extensions that are second to none. As the UK’s leading hair extension specialists they also offer Wig Cutting, Wig Maintenance and Consultancy Services.

Owner Veronica Bentley is a qualified hairdresser and hair extension specialist, her journey began when she worked in a west end salon and had a client who because of a traumatic experience was suffering from hairloss. As Veronica was trained in the art of hair extensions, she confidently took on the challenge, 3 hours later the client was completely transformed and oozing with confidence, fast forward to date, the said client is still a valued customer at Prestige.

When Veronica opened her salon back in 1998, she later went on to team up with extension specialist Nathalie Joseph as they both honed their skills at well renowned hair extension salon Xtension Masters, the dynamic duo recognise there was a need for women to have a place where they could relax in a friendly, professional atmosphere and be seen by experts that not only were the best at fitting hair extensions but valued the importance of being discreet, trustworthy, reliable, and quite importantly ‘on time’.

For the past 25 years the two have changed the lives of professional women and celebrities by offering them luxury hair extensions that make them look and feel great about themselves.


Veronica says, “we will continue to make it our mission to regain women’s confidence by making them look their best one head at a time” Salon manager Nathalie adds “it is important to listen carefully to a client’s needs and to give them expert advice on how to look after their hair extensions so that it’s easy for them to maintain that salon look at home”.

The ladies are so dedicated to their cause that during the lockdown it became apparent that although their weaves usually last approximately 3 months, the constant closing of the salon left the clients with the dilemma of how to look good for that all important teams/ zoom meeting. The two knocked heads and came up with the idea of replicating the clients weave styles in the form of bespoke wigs. This has been a game changer for Prestige as it means that regardless of the lockdown clients can purchase their bespoke wigs online. Nathalie says “Our bespoke wigs will: –

  • Make your life easier.
  • Be easy to maintain.
  • Look natural.
  • Be the perfect protective style.
  • Promote natural hair growth.
  • Allow you to rest your own hair.
  • Give you versatility.
  • Give you the wow factor.

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Veronica’s plans for the future is to continue to empower women by collaborating with experts in health, nutrition and confidence building so whether you want to enhance your style or look like your favourite celeb make sure you sign up to our mailing list to be part of a phenomenal experience.


For more information on our services contact us by email or call 07553361812