Afro and European Hair Extensions

Afro Hair Extensions

As hair extension specialists we have found that the safest technique that we find for Afro-Caribbean hair hair is the cornrow based/Microweave  technique which is more commonly known as a sew in weave. If you ask any reputable weave specialist they will agree that  it is the most natural way of promoting hair growth. (However poor application of this technique can result in damage to the hair therefore it is imperative that this is done correctly) For our clients that wish to keep there hair natural we would usually recommend the Closure weave which is a small piece of scalp illusion that is added to the Microweave to give the appearance of a side or center parting ( our closures are made with Natural Remy Virgin hair and has a lace base which is perforated in order to allow the scalp to breath)

It is recommended that you wear your Hair Extensions for a maximum of 3 months as wearing it for longer may cause damage to your own hair

* It is important that whilst wearing your Hair Extensions that you maintain your own hair. Your hair Extension specialist/weave stylist  will assist you with the correct guidelines for the maintenance of both your own hair and the Hair Extensions.


European Hair Extensions

There are quite a few different types of Hair Extensions available for European hair. These techniques usually involve individual Extensions. Our techniques include :-

  • Great Lengths
  • Transformation Connections
  • Micro Ring system

These types of Hair Extensions can also be used on Afro hair but the hair would need to be relaxed as they involve a lot of the clients own hair being left out. Individual type Hair Extension are usually quite versatile however the application takes longer and more Extensions are usually required to achieve volume. They can usually be worn safely for about 10-12 weeks depending on the clients hair * It is imperative the application of these type of Hair Extensions are done correctly as poor application can result in damage to your hair as well as it being apparent that you are wearing Hair Extensions. Tracks/cornrows can also be used on European hair, they can be worn safely for about 8-10 weeks and like individual type Hair Extensions they can be quite versatile. Your Hair Extension specialist will advise you on maintenance including shampooing etc.