Bespoke Custom made wigs

People wear wigs for many different reasons, for years they have been worn in the film/theatre industry and for fashion purposes however nowadays wigs have become more widely used especially for women who:-

  • suffer from hairloss
  • Experience thinning hair
  • Require versatility
  • Are looking for a protective hairstyle
  • Want a new look
  • Want to take a break from chemicals
  • Want to grow their hair
  • Want to take a break from hair weaving or other forms of extensions



Many of the women that have been recommended to us have complained that when it comes to purchasing human hair wigs they find it quite daunting as a lot of them look “wiggy” because they tend to be extremely thick, look shiny and are extremely hot and claustrophobic to wear. In addition to this they are left with the worry of it falling off resulting in them feeling somewhat  uncomfortable, especially when it comes to participating in physical activity. Other women that have enquired about our services often say that finding wigs for black women can be very challenging as there is a lack of choice, especially when it comes to wigs for mature women as these can very often look quite dated and the alternative tends to scare them as the idea of a lace front wig with baby fine hairs that need to be stuck down with glue or held in place with gel or mousse that they will somehow have to recreate on a daily basis is certainly not an option.

Our clients have welcomed the idea of a ready -to-wear bespoke wig service as they are :-

  • Made from high quality 100% Human Hair so they look and feel natural
  • Won’t shed or tangle so is easy to maintain
  • Is tailor made to measure so they will fit you correctly
  • Can be shipped to you worldwide
  • As a breathable base that allows you to get to your scalp
  • Expertly cut and styled to your specifications so they suit you

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