Bespoke Custom made wigs

As hair extension specialists we are constantly striving to create innovative ways to cater to our client’s needs.When it comes to wearing a wig the idea can be quite daunting, although there appears to be an abundance of wigs readily available in the shops they often look unnatural and not very flattering. (It has always been our philosophy that having great hair increases that ‘feel good factor’)fringe style side view - website

People wear wigs for many different reasons,
They are often worn in the film/theatre for
fashion purposes or to give them a new look.
Thinning hair/ hair loss
Many women who experience thinning hair or hair loss find that wearing a weave is not always suitable therefore the option of Prestige offering a personalised wig service is extremely welcoming. Through experience, we know that losing your hair can be one of the most devastating things. Whether it happens gradually or suddenly the effects can be just as traumatising which is why investing in one of our handmade wigs is guaranteed to make you look good and feel great about yourself.

The idea for our bespoke ‘ready – to – wear’ custom made wigs was developed with our clients in mind. Wearing our wigs allows you to: –
Give your hair a rest from weaving
Rest your hair from chemical processing
allows you to maintain the condition of your hair by having regular conditioning treatments

Wearing one of our bespoke custom made wigs will also allow you to mask any hair problems you may be experiencing without a dramatic change in appearance.

Our hand-made hair pieces use the same high quality 100% Virgin Remy human hair extensions as our weaves. This will ensure that the wig will be easy to maintain won’t shed or tangle, look natural and will have longevity.

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For more information including prices, you can email us or give us a call on 0208 741 9616 where our experts will be waiting to assist you in making the right choice