How To Swim Whilst Wearing Hair Extensions

With the Olympics currently underway in Tokyo as someone that enjoys swimming, I have been cheering along from my living room at how well Great Britain have been doing in the swimming heats. It brings me back to the days when I used to compete in swimming galas although the closest, I ever came to winning was 3rd place. (I guess that would qualify as a bronze medal if I were hypothetically taking part in the Olympics)

This brings me on to one of the frequently asked question we often get.

“Can I Swim Whilst Wearing Hair Extensions?”

As an extensionist that has worked with many different hair brands over the years I have learned that when it comes to swimming whilst wearing extensions it really is down to the credibility of the hair.

As much as I would like to give a straightforward ‘yes’ in all honesty I can only vouch for the human hair extensions that we provide.

Many manufacturers tend to advise against this as it can often cause the hair to tangle and become matted, at Prestige we take a more relaxed approach.

Because our hair is made from the highest quality 100% virgin human hair, we take pleasure in letting our clients know that they can confidently swim knowing their weave hair extensions will not let them down.

To sum it all up, its always best to check the manufacturer’s instructions or ask your hair extension specialist if they recommend you go swimming when if you are wearing hair extensions.

Here are 5 top tips to follow: –

  1. Brush your hair extensions through starting from the ends through to the mid lengths,
  2. Braid your hair or tie in a ponytail.
  3. Apply conditioner to your extensions to protect them against the chlorine.
  4. You can opt to shampoo your hair after swimming to get rid of any chlorine or you can give it a rinse.
  5. Towel dry then leave to dry naturally or dry using the hairdryer.

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