Back in 1949 a woman by the name of Christina Jenkins (born in Louisiana) was working with a wig-making company and decided to consider an alternative way of attaching hair without the use of any heat or chemicals but one that was quite secure as the wigs tended to fall off the customers head quite regularly. Hair extensions are widely used today for numerous reasons. The most common reason being to add length, volume or colour. These can be attached using different methods, the safest to date being the cornrow/cane row technique which is commonly known as a weave/ sew in weave technique. (This is where the hair is plaited close to the scalp with or without the addition of hair to form a base to which wefts of hair are then attached. The hair is then cut
curled/flat ironed into the desired style.

Christina developed the idea of attaching hair to a net to which was then sewn onto the client’s cornrow base and thus evolved what Christina Jenkins referred to as ‘Hairweeve’. Christina patented her idea in 1951 and travelled worldwide to teach her technique. She started a training academy to which people came from near and far to attend. This technique has now transpired into years of experiment and redesign which is now commonly known as the weave/microweave/sew in weave

As hair extension connoisseurs, Veronica says “Prestige is well-aware of the legacy that Christina Jenkins has left and this has remained one of the core inspirations since our inception in 1998”. Prior to this, the hair extension specialists honed their skills at renowned hair salon Xtension Masters, where they learnt the fundamentals of hair weaving including the importance of creating the right foundation to achieve the best results.

Veronica adds “over the years we have combined our hairdressing skills and experience in hair extensions and adapted our techniques to create flat natural weaves to that are second to none.”

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