Whether you’re receiving a hair extension or hairdressing service, the peculiar uses of hair are something to intrigue the minds of both. It is clear that many people do not think ahead when it comes to planning their next ‘hairdo, ’ In fact when questioned most people tend to wait until they are ready to book their appointment with their hairdressers or barbers. As hair Connoisseurs We like to keep ourselves updated with the latest trends and fashion, we would like to share some of the useful and/or stranger uses of hair that dates back to the Middle Ages!

Prestige is inspired by the unique uses of hair to further develop & innovate our products and services for you! Farmers in Ancient Chinese developed the method of feeding hair to their crops; it was an ancient method that was unfamiliar to many elsewhere in the world. It was realised that natural hair contains many nutrients and a nitrogen level of 15% compared to 4.6% in chicken manure. For those who are looking for new methods to have healthy crops, look no further. Furthermore, Eastern culture has shown that incense sticks can be created with hair and play an important role in repelling spirits and demons in India.

Asia has displayed the common use of hair as fabric, this process blends human hair with animal hair and wool to create a softer material whereas designer brands in western civilisation have created looks with human hair as fashion-art pieces and is less common amongst the public but is still a popular niche such as the “real-life Rapunzel”

The Western world continues to embrace the idea of using hair outside of hairdressing. The applications range from donating hair to hospitals to creating wigs, extensions and toys. In addition, natural or virgin hair can be used to create dough due to dark hair being rich in L-cysteine ( an amino acid that keeps it squishy. The popularity of hair has risen plentiful in the last decade that competitions and records have been achieved by those competing to have the longest hair or wish to grow it for scientific research.

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