The Bob is back!

Denise Lewis

Question is did it ever go away?

The ‘bob‘ is one hairstyle that will never be ‘dated’, Its been around  through generations from the days of the Egyptians to date.

There are many variations of the ‘bob’ including:-

Classic bob

Graduated bob

Layered bob

concave/convex bob……

Victoria Beckham( nick named Posh Spice) has had different ‘bobs’ throughout 2007 her 2008 version of the  ‘Pob‘  was a great inspiration and lead to yet another celebrity trend.

2014 saw the rejuvenation of the ‘bob‘ which came in the formation of the ‘Lob‘, this variation meant that for women the sacrifice of their tresses was minimal. The ‘Lob’ was embraced by celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence, Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga……….

Hair extensions are a great way of rocking the ‘bob‘, they allow you to add length, colour or volume to your style and applied correctly by a professional hair extension specialist will ensure there is no damage to your hair.

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