Clip In Hair Extensions

Clip in hair extensions -Xmen rogue cut


When it comes to hair extensions a great way to transform your look is to apply clip – in hair extensions.

Clip – in hair extensions are  temporary and give you the opportunity to add length, volume or colour with minimal commitment.

Many of the larger hair extension companies such as Halo Hair extensions, Paks cosmetics, Beauty Works and Hair Development all offer their own range of  hair extensions. Online stores such as Amazon and Ebay both sell a wide range of synthetic and 100% human hair extensions, Remy hair and natural Virgin  clip – in hair extensions which are suitable for all occasions.



Xmen Dvd

We recently had the opportunity to work in partnership with  PR agency Zero Degrees West for the promotion of Twentieth Century Fox’s new release of the  ‘X -Men days of Future Past The Rogue Cut ‘ dvd.

The idea was to promote the  ‘Rogue’ cut via the character ‘Rogue’s signature white streak which was demonstrated through strips of white clip in hair extensions being attached to the hair of editors/reporters at Heat magazine, Empire magazine, Radio Times and Metro newspaper. The new edition of the film, released on 13th July, includes an additional 17 minutes of footage, including all of the scenes with Anna Paquin as Rougue that were cut from the original feature.

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