Prestige’s latest project was to create a quick and stylish look by using hair extensions, although this was initially the sole intention of the project, London Fashion Week was around the corner and we aimed to invent a simple yet fresh and exciting look. London Fashion Week remains as one of the “big four fashion weeks along with Paris, Milan and New York. Prestige understands the importance of trends in fashion to make our clients feel reinvented and stylish with our hair services. This autumn, we partnered with Just Jess Makeovers to create our “East meets West” outfit. Prestige aims to innovate current ideas from all cultures to create captivating looks with hair extensions to remain as the best hairdressers that London offers.

We experimented with several colours to create an “Autumn” look, original ideas included using shades of yellow, blue and green on our model to create a summer-to-autumn transformation. Although these were great ideas to execute, we decided to create a design that represented Autumn transitioning to Winter due to the time of year. The final colours that were chosen were orange, white and black. Magnetic eyelashes were used to make the look urbaner and representative of fresh & experimental ideas that the fashion industry continues to innovate. The makeup applied by Jess was primarily orange and created a sunset-like image on the models’ eyes.

Orange was a significant choice to due to its common association with Autumn but was core to our blend of eastern & western culture. A traditional Indian shawl was used to represent the culture and was Prestige’s way of celebrating the Nine Nights festival that is celebrated in most Indian cultures in Autumn! Black & white was used as it could apply to any mix of colours if executed properly. However, it was a personal favourite for the team to use these colours as it represented the connotations of winter perfectly as well the symbolism of Yin & Yang which was personified by the chosen outfit to represent serenity, this is one of the important pillars of success for Prestige. If our client leaves serene, they’ll feel Prestige.

Many thanks to Just Jess Makeovers and model Anjali for their assistance on this collaboration!

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