Hair UK 2015

This yearsHair Uk 2015 and Barber Uk 2015 which was held at the NEC  Birmingham had an array of hairstylists/Barbers showcasing their talents.

Hair Extensions continue to play a be big part in the hair industry with companies such asEasilocks showcasing their wide selection of hair extension. Hair Rehab London professional saw the launch of  TOWIE’S  Lauren Pope’s new salon professional ‘Luxe I- Tip and U- Tip pre bonded hair extensions.

Pro Blo’s detachable blow drying brush concept was amazing. The idea  of being able to round brush  blow dry the hair and leave the brush in the hair to cool down is an excellent way of creating volume. These brushes would not only be great for salon use and session work but it would be the perfect tool for your clients to use at home.


BBA master


chris foster

The barbering  section of this years show was spectacular. The BBA (British Barbers Association) Master showcased the many talents of elite barbers who were not afraid to push the boundaries when it came to their unique creations. Master barber Chris Foster kept the crowd entertained inside a  ‘box ring ‘ while the barbers battled it out for the BBA Master Barbers title, with award winning barber MK as a judge the competition was fierce