How to maintain your weave

So you’ve taken the plunge and had a weave applied. You leave the salon looking fantastic but when you get home you have an epiphany
“How will I keep my hair looking great?”
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We have many enquiries from clients regarding the best way to maintain your weave and getting the best from your hair. Many clients are unaware of the fact that following a few simple steps will not only keep your hair extensions looking and feeling great but it will help you to maintain the condition of your own hair whilst wearing your weave/ hair extensions.
1. It is not recommended that you keep your weave in for no more than 3 months.
2. It is recommended that whilst wear your weave you get it tightened. Doing this will improve the look of your weave as well as help it to last longer.
3. It is recommended that you shampoo and condition your hair regularly in order to keep it free from products and particles in the air. Doing this will maintain the movement in the hair.
4. It is recommended that you use the correct products on the weave in order to avoid build up on the hair. We recommend water based products as oil based products will coat the hair and restrict its movement.
5. We recommend that you moisturise your scalp with a light moisturiser whilst wearing the weave in order to maintain the moisture balance of your scalp.
6. It is recommended that when using heat whilst styling your weave that you use a thermal/heat protector.  This will help to maintain the condition of the hair.
For more information or for styling tips why not book to attend one of our hair maintenance workshops or client styling workshops.