New hair colour trends

One of this seasons hottest colour trends is a freehand hair colour technique called ‘Balayage

The word ‘Balayage’  is French and means ‘to sweep’ or to ‘paint’

This is a great application for lightening  or adding colour to the hair without using time consuming methods such as foils or highlighting caps. This method can be used on Afro, European and mixed textured hair and is a really good  technique for colouring hair extensions.




‘Balayage’   was developed back in the 1970’s and is a fantastic method for dry freehand hair  cuts  as it will allow you to paint on the chosen colour in particular areas in order to create bold sections of colour or soft strokes for a more natural effect.When using ‘Balayage’ on hair extensions you may need to apply a little more product than required for natural hair.

One of the best features of’ ‘Balayage’ is that unlike the traditional methods it does not have a regrowth effect when it grows out which means its less noticeable in between visits to the salon. Top product companies such as  L’oreal, Wella and Labiosthetique all have large colour ranges for you to personalise your works of art.

Why not ask your stylist how ‘Balayage’ can enhance your style