Thank God it’s Friday! Maybe not…

Prestige presents our version of Pennywise the Dancing Clown from acclaimed novel and recent film “IT” by #StephenKing to commemorate #fridaythe13th (some people may find the day unlucky) and soon to be Halloween (October 31st)

We chose this character as we believe “IT” is truly terrifying for those who have read the novel or seen the old or new film.
Although the Tim Curry adaption was very popular with audiences, the 2017 rendition proved to be more haunting when we discussed the direction to go towards.

In order to create this look, we collaborated with Just Jess Makeovers to create the makeup on the models face, meanwhile Prestige provided
the hair extension that brought our version to life. The fantastic NIGHT.RIDER by #KevinMurphy was used to mould the hair into shape.

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