History has shown a trend of increasing popularity of male grooming. The Egyptian era recorded uses of the aloe vera plant, bathing milk and oils to remain hygienic. The Romans could not achieve their massive empire without following the regime of the Egyptian men. The Roman Empire was one of the first to develop male hair dyes, which had the affinity to be corrosive enough for men to lose their hair completely! Unlike the eras before where male grooming was not as popular, the 21st century is without question, the largest boom for male grooming.

With the world transitioning to a digital era, social media has become a dominant force in choosing the seasonal trends of hairdressing, the opinions and arguments found on Instagram and Twitter feeds can clearly display the importance of men remaining well-groomed. Men take pride in their hair, beard and styling products from taking selfies to male grooming events such as the Gentleman’s Grooming & Lifestyle show! The global market value of the UK’s male grooming has been estimated increased from £774m in 2012 to £608m in 2017. Only 30% of men have stated that they do not remove any hair and keep it intact. What was once deemed unnatural or forbidden by many males, today’s time has paved the way for a plethora of men’s grooming products and services ranging from gels, shampoos, conditioners, pastes, shaving equipment and much more!

Prestige understands the importance and relevance of male grooming and offers experienced stylists to create the vision that our male clients desire the most. Our stylists use the new range of Kevin Murphy products that are tailored to men, adding strength and vitality to the hair and scalp with a fresh botanical blend of camphor crystals and black pepper! Other acclaimed ranges include American Crew and products from the British Barbers Association’ Our new location is the perfect environment to enjoy the luxuries of the Marriott which boasts a leisure club for your use and offers one of the finest Italian restaurants #Carluccios.
So why not flex muscles, get your protein fix then pop across for an invigorating experience and give yourself the Prestige treatment that you deserve.

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