How to buy hair extensions

When it comes to buying hair extensions it can be a real daunting experience, you end up trawling through countless websites that claim to sell the best quality hair only to end up with bog standard hair that sheds or tangles and what’s more says its reusable but just about lasts the duration of your weave. Then to add insult to injury you end up trusting in hair vendors who have no idea about the product they are selling resulting in you purchasing the wrong hair texture or colour

Salon owner Veronica says ‘I can remember an incident at the salon when a client had bought along some hair that she had purchased from a hair shop which they claimed was “100% human hair”, whilst discussing her style, when asked to see the hair I was presented with 3 packs of 16” colour 4 ( a chestnut brown colour) which in my opinion was at least 2-3 shades lighter than her own hair ( which was a dark brown colour) and way too much hair for her tiny head. For some reason the shop assistant had managed to persuade the client that this was the perfect colour for her hair and had told her that everyone buys 3 bags of hair nowadays, so naturally she went with his advice. Unfortunately to her horror she was now left with what she referred to as “an expensive mistake”
After reassuring her that all was not lost, I showed her our club couture hair extension range, discussed the right colour, texture and how to maintain the hair then proceeded to work my magic. Two and a half hours later the client left the salon with natural looking hair extensions that in her words “made her look and feel like a million dollars”

As hair extension specialists we only work with the best quality hair extensions as we believe that when wearing hair extensions, it is paramount that they should
• look and feel as natural as possible
• Not shed or tangle
• Be easy to maintain
• Blend seamlessly with your own hair
• Match the colour and texture of your own hair
• Have natural movement
• Be ethically sourced

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